Care workers stand together

As a domicilary care assistant houses are being visited . Everyone is putting there life at risk. A page where poems ,thoughts messages can be posted and read out and just to let them all know that maybe the company they work for isn't NHS but there doing a brilliant job. A Friend has just posted on facebook and it made me feel so proud of all care workers. They don't live in our work, We work in their home, We're there 24/7, So they're not alone. First thing in a morning, Get them up washed and dressed, Get them ready for the day, Looking their best. We bring them their meals, Breakfast, dinner and tea, We sit there we assist them, Quite happily. We talk, we share stories, We sing them a song, We're one happy family, We all get along. When it goes dark, And it's time for bed, Well get them in nightclothes, So they can rest their head. If they are very poorly, And nearing in the end, We will stay with them, We're always a friend. We'll sit there with them, They're not alone, Rememberer this we, Work in their home. It comes to all of us, The inevitability of death, We'll sit there, hold their hand, As they take their last breath. We have to work, No time to grieve, Stand there in silence, As they leave. They left a gap, That no one can fill, But we must go on, And that we will. For I'm carer, That's what I do, You never know one day, I may look after you. Written by Lorna Norney May Holmes



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